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Saros Gulf

Saros has a distance from Edirne about 150 kms and 250 kms distance from Istanbul.This is nice thing for the citizens from major cities enjoying their holidays in Kesan.

Summerhouses Regions
Enez seaside,Erikli seasides and Yayla seasides are the biggest.There are some hotels in Enez seaside and Erikli seaside.
There are also small houses,sublets and motels located in that region.You can easily hire by weekend or seasonal.Those houses is rented by furniture.So that would be good for tourists.
Winds are coming from northeast.There is not too much waves in that region.Waves maximum height is 2 meteres.
Fishing and Hunting
Due to the high salt ratio in the sea,fishing environment is rich.
Due to rich fish environment,amateur and professional fishers are enjoying alot. Major and known fish names are Cipura,Lufer,Barbun,Mercan,Karagoz,Levrek,Kefal and Octopus.
Other than that residences are fishing uskumru and istavrit with pleasure.

Underwater Richnesses
Saros Gulf named as big and natural acquarium by sea biologs and divers.Kaptan Cousteu has visited in 1970s with its ship named Calipso and name this region north version of Red Sea.
According to researchs,there are 243 sea beings recorded.There are also new developments seen in 2001 in the sea.They found the sea being ANTIAS which is rooted from Red Sea.There is also anohter sea being called ZEBRA.Thus attracts people to Saros Gulf.
There are not many residential areas in that areas.And also closest industrial area is about 40 km away from Saros Gulf.
Erikli Seaside which is known as third biggest seaside in Turkey is also located in Saros Gulf.Uzunkum beach is also located between Erikli seaside and Ibrice port.Also famous known place LOST PARADISE is also located in this region.There are also Lagun Lakes in that region.Those are the places where the birds are accomodating.Flamingos are one of most known bird in that region.
Meric lake which draws the Turkey and Greece border is also in this region.There are many places for you to rest and break around this region.
There is also an opportunity for people who wants to have village life in this region.

Diving Points
Saros Gulf attracts many amateur and professional divers all around from Turkey.This place is also fantastic for underwater photographers due to its natural environments.
Most convenient places for diving are Mecidiye and Erikli seaside in this region.
Ibrice: The most favourable place in Saros.There are many diving points in that region.
Minnos Kayaliklari: Another good place for divers.There is 150-200 meter point away from seaside suitable for wall divers.
HarmanKaya:This place is 1 km way from Erikli residential area.
Toplar Burnu:This region is between Erikli and Ibrice.
Saros Gulf is especially known as its sea.So there are many diving clubs coming that region.

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