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About Of Keşan

Kesan history has backed to 30 century begins by Luvi and Treks .This region has under the governance of Greece,Pers,Macedonians and Byzatines and after the 14th century half,Ottoman Empire has governed the region.
Kesan has become state in 1877 and has assimilated by Russians,Bulgarian,Greek respectively.
After the 11 October 1922 with Mudanya Contract,this region has become the TBMM in 19 November 1922.
Population,Geography and Tourism
 Central population of Kesan  is 54.367.There are 5 states and 45 villages.Total population is 77.442.This population has reached to 400.000 people in the summer.
All citizens can speak Turkish but in some villages native language is Pomac or Slav.For instance,Mavros(Gokcetepe),Grabuna(Camlica),Todoric(Orhaniye) villages are speaking Turkish.
Kesan is located in the Trek Region of Marmara Region.Landscape is 1087 km2 and height from the sea level is 100 meters.The highest point of Kesan is Hidrellez which is 371 meter.Annual raining volume is 550-600 mm and this percentage allocated as follows;%38 in winter,27% in Autumn,22% in Spring and %13 in Summer.
There are significant developments seen in Kesan since the republic of Turkey and especially last 20 years.Private and cooperative constructions are still carrying out in the region.Also social life has developed as parallel to this development.Kesan has specially crowded in Saturdays due to the settlement of big bazaar at that day.Thus affets social economic life in a positive way.
Main tourism centers are Erikli,Mecidiye,Yayla,Gokcetepe and Sazlidere.Clean and fresh sea and its close distance to the center cities of Turkey has made Kesan popular in tourism.Kesan is also known as the center of Orfoz Fish(Special type of  fish).This is a very important point for amateur fishers.There are 144 fish kind and 170 underwater source.Saros is also known as one of two gulf in the world that could reclean its self.Other than that  Saros Gulf is also convenient for scuba diving and trekking.There are places to stay in Gokcebent and Danisment seasides.

Education,Culture and Media
There are 33 primary schools at that regions.Thus make Saros important center for education in this region.
Additionally there are also 1 library,4 private school,3 driving license center and Public Education Center
There are 4 newspapers and 1 radio which is called Onder,Medya,Kesan,Volkan and Kesan FM.There are also other publishments.
Kesan Culture and Tourism Festival has occured every year in the end of August.


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